The group LBI Foundries is your partner for as cast, rough or fully machined parts.
We cast Non-ferrous alloys such as pure copper, tin or lead bronze, brass, aluminium bronze but also stainless steels (Duplex, super Duplex, ferritic, austenitic, martensitic, heat resisting steels), Nickel-based alloys (super alloys such as Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy) and Aluminium.

LBI Foundries leaflet

  • 1 group
  • 3 foundries : LBI, SRI & INOXYDA
  • 50 M€ Turnover - 60 % Export
  • 350 persons
  • +400 alloys


Centrifugal castings by LBI

  • Large range of sizes
  • Large casting & machining capacities
  • Large range of alloys



Sand casting SRI

  • High technicity
  • Pure coppers
  • Final machining capacities
  • Large range of copper based alloys


Sand casting Inoxyda

  • High technicity
  • Large casting capacities
  • Final machining possibilities
  • Excellence in Nickel Aluminium Bronzes

Main applications

- Shipbuilding :

Main products : Flanges liners, bearing housings, propulsion shaft liners, rudder stock liners, hubs, CPP or FPP blades, etc…

- Pumps :

Main products : Pump housings, shafts, liners, sealings, covers, etc…

- Valves :

Main products : Housings, gates for butterfly valves, valves bodies, etc…

- Hydro Power & turbines :

Main products : Turbines (Francis, Pelton Kaplan), sealing, labyrinth rings etc…

- Electrical applications :

Main products : Sliprings, circuit breakers rings, electrical connections, arms for welding guns etc…

- And many others...

About us

Horizontal centrifugal casting LBI foundry and machine shop originally made its reputation on the service we provided to local companies in Europe. Today, our group of LBI Foundries keeps this philosophy of providing high quality service and fulfilling our customers’ casting and machining needs, all over the world. This is achieved by giving well-targeted technical and commercial offers with an aim to optimize costs and provide innovative technical solutions.
Since 1919, the range of high quality centrifugal castings produced by the group LBI Foundries has been continually expanded. After centrifugal casting of bronze parts, LBI also started the production of parts in stainless steels and in Aluminum, for the most demanding applications and customers.
In addition, LBIs sand casting subsidiaries (companies SRI and INOXYDA), bring their specific know-how for the sandcasting of copper based alloys, to complete a rich portfolio and enable the group LBI Foundries to offer a One-Stop-Shop solution for castings and machining to a wide variety of industrial sectors. Each company of the group LBI Foundries is certified by the quality management system ISO 9001.





26, rue de la République
57360 Amnéville
Tel. +33(0) 387 71 15 11
Fax +33(0) 387 71 14 96
Rue de l’embarcadère
03600 Commentry
Tel. +33 (0) 470 64 58 80
Fax +33 (0) 470 64 64 87
4 & 8, rue Etienne Dolet
76140 Le Petit Quevilly
Tel. +33 (0) 235 63 78 50
Fax +33 (0) 235 72 99 99


For more information about LBI Foundries or our subsidiaries, please take contact with our sales team, we will be happy to help.

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LBI Guss GmbH

Logo LBI Guss GmbH - 2018 {JPEG}
Address :
Schmiedestrasse 5
D-45527 Hattingen

LBI Foundries opened in 2013 a sales office in Germany in charge of our customers in Germany and in Austria.
Our Sales Manager, Mr.Gerald SCHLAGL, remains at your disposal for any question concerning the centrifugal casting products from LBI and the sand casting products from SRI or INOXYDA.

Contact : Mr. Gerald SCHLAGL
Phone. : +49 177 493 64 55
Fax : +49 2324 9304 973
E-mail :


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General sales conditions :

  • Sales conditions of european foundries
  • Allgemeine Vertragsbedingungen der Europäischen Giessereien
  • Condizioni generali di contratto delle fonderie europee
  • Condiciones generales de venta de las fundiciones europeas

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